How To Make Turkey Jerky With Thanksgiving Leftovers

Leftovers can be transformed into snacks for the road.

Whether your mom is stuffing you like the prized bird itself or you went all out to impress friends and showed them that you too can turn on an over, you have a bird in your fridge. Now what should you do with that turkey? You could have yet another sandwich OR you can make turkey jerky!

View this recipe if you are one of those people who owns a dehydrator.

Don't have a dehydrator? We didn't think so. What you need to know is simple. The basis of all turkey jerky recipes is to cook the meat at 140 degrees for a really long time. So, set your oven to warm, spice or marinade the leftover meat, cut turkey really thin (freeze the turkey after marinaded so it is easier to cut), and put in the oven. That's it. A cookie sheet will do or you could spear meat with shish kabob stakes and hang it from oven rack. Now you just sit back and wait for it to cook . . . five or six hours.

If all else fails, turn up the heat and dry out the strips. Your dog will love it.