Katy Perry Teases Sharks, Unicorns And So Much Glitter In This Super Bowl Promo: Watch

And wait, is she hinting at a holographic guest performer?

Now that the NFL has finally confirmed that Katy Perry will perform at the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show next year, we're dying to know what the "This Is How We Do" singer will unleash upon us. Edible glitter? Drumming robots? Unicorns? Kittens? Fire-breathing sharks?

Well, according to a new teaser video uploaded on Pepsi's YouTube channel Sunday (Nov. 23), get ready for all of the above.

We just have one question: Who is this "very special guest" Katy teases, and why does she say she will need a "time machine" to bring them to the University of Phoenix Stadium on February 1?

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Does this mean she'll perform with a hologram of one of her deceased idols, using a technology similar to the one that brought "Tupac" to Coachella and "Michael Jackson" to the Billboard Music Awards? That would make sense, except the "time-traveler" she teases looks an awful lot like Axl Rose, and, last I checked, he's very much alive.