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17 Times Watching Taylor Swift And Her Famous Friends React To The AMAs Was Almost As Good As Watching The Show Itself

You can't sit with them.

So it's 2014, which means by now, we've figured out that watching Taylor Swift react to stuff at awards shows can be just as much fun as watching the actual show. And, of course, Taylor brought her reaction A game to the AMAs.

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In case you somehow missed Taylor's AMA reactions, I compiled every single OMG-Taylor moment for you, including Taylor dancing and choice Taylor reactions..

1. I mean, they're really good facial skills:

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2. Like, I literally can't look away from the bevy of beautiful girl-power BFFs she brings with her everywhere she goes.

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3. Here's Taylor in complete awe of Selena Gomez for that tearful performance of "The Heart Wants What It Wants."

4. And here's Selena feeling the same way about Taylor.

5. Getting the first-ever Dick Clark Award of Excellence was seriously a big deal for Tay Tay -- you could even say she was #blessed.

6. Then she got to hug Diana Ross. DIANA ROSS, PEOPLE!

7. But back to the show -- she's FREAKING PSYCHED for Lorde's "Yellow Flicker Beat" performance.

8. No, but like, it was chill-inducing:


10. Except she gets a quick kiss on the way up to receive her own award, so that's a pretty restorative moment. (Phew!)

11. There's actually a lot of kissing happening.

12. The rare chill moment.

13. But then she's back to smiling as she beams next to her award with honorary BFF Sam Smith:

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14. Then, she let Jessie J dance up on her for a little part of the "Bang Bang" performance:

15. And everyone continues to get down to the Golden Girls 2.0 smash hit.

16. And found time to pose with country star Luke Bryan:

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17. Final favorite Taylor moment? Shipping Ansel Elgort as the next name Taylor's gonna write in that "Blank Space." "Blank Space"??

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He's been warned.