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Solange And Puma Are Teaming Up Again

Even though Adidas has been dominating the athletic wear collab game this year—working with everyone from Kanye to Pharrell and Rita Ora—it seems like Puma will be finishing 2014 strong. Shortly after a rumor spread that Rihanna may be teaming up with the sports brand, Solange, who's just coming off the best week ever, took to Instagram to announce she has another two collaborations with them on the way.

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In just a handful of days, Solange will be providing us with footwear to pair with Beyonce's upcoming athletic brand for Topshop. Dressing to workout doesn't get any more flawless than this—or inspiring, TBH. If anyone can make me go to the gym, it's going to be Solange and Beyonce.

Solange went with an eye-popping aesthetic with this yellow-paneled pair that has a wavy black-and-white graphic sole. OK, fine, the treadmill might be less boring with these on my feet.

And for those who prefer their sneakers a tad more minimalist, Solange edited down the classic Puma style to only two colors: teal and yellow.

While you obsessively count down the days until November 28, you can check out an interview with Solange about her approach to designing and marvel at all of the hi-res images of the collection at her Saint Heron website.