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Quiz: Should You Really Be Bringing Your Significant Other To Thanksgiving Dinner?

Will your love withstand the ultimate family minefield? We can help you.

Thanksgiving dinner is a beautiful mess of familial nonsense. Generations collide as the oldies look upon you with befuddlement as you tweet and emoji your way through the meal, long-simmering conflicts erupt in a volcano of passive-aggressive confrontation and Uncle Bob just bogarts that bottle of Scotch in the corner. It's a slog of dysfunction as much as it is a joyous reunion of old friends, but mainly it's a test of endurance. And now, you're considering inviting your significant other to the proceedings.

Is your boyfriend or girlfriend ready for this trial by fire? Can your relationship withstand the pressures of a blown-out family holiday? Take our quiz to find out if you should do this Thanksgiving as a couple, or if you should ride solo for another year.

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