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19 Lessons Of Beauty, Self-Love And Compassion From Lil B's Life-Changing MIT Lecture

Read this with love in your heart.

Lil B’s lecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was one filled with love, much like his 2012 lecture at NYU. The rapper spoke to a select group of students about life, empathy and understanding and we’ve found some important life lessons to take away from this lecture thanks to The Fader’s transcription of the lecture and Q&A session.

1. If You Correct People, Do It With Love

"Everybody can't spell the word correctly, but they know the word. As the receiver and as good people, give that person the right of way instead of automatically correcting them. If you want to automatically correct, that's not bad, that's good too, but just make sure you're doing it out of love.”

2. See A Piece Of Beauty In Everyone

"Everybody should be in the Black Student Union, because we're all black, remember that. I can look at everybody in here and see a piece of beauty. I see you, I see me. I can look at you and say, ‘Man you are so dope.' Dope meaning cool, dope meaning respectful, meaning I appreciate you for being alive and what you bring. You just being there and being yourself. That's the number one thing.”

3. You Are Special, Beautiful & Gifted

"We all need each other in here. Each and every person in this building is extremely special and extremely beautiful, and is gifted. If you guys left tomorrow—which you wouldn't, and I hope you won't—you still are beautiful and amazing and very special."

4. You Should Know About Photosynthesis, Swag

"I want to give a shout out to all the engineers and scientists, and all the people in here, swag. Everybody that's dealing with math... Salute, man. This is the place that I would love to be, as I'm really into plants, animals, life. We know about that photosynthesis! I didn't forget that! It's about doing things that you really love, that's where you get the best results for your product."

5. Be Aware Of The Predators Who Roam

"When you really have pride in your brand and what you do, you have to be very careful of who you align yourself with and who you endorse... You have to meet people and realize that person may not be your friend. It's about awareness. that's something I really want to tell you about because I love you. Awareness, awareness, awareness. It's a big thing because, to the people that aren't aware, that's how the predators come in."

6. Connect With Others Despite Financial Differences

"Don't feel bad, don't beat yourself up if you have a little extra money, or you don't. Don't feel like, 'I have money, I can't relate to someone who doesn't.' What does having money really mean? We all can relate to each other and we all are brothers and sisters, friends, family, lovers, whatever that means."

7. Meet Others Where They Are, Says Lil B's Mom

"We cant judge, we can't mind-read, but like my mother said, sometimes to talk to people you have to meet them where they're at."

8. Nobody’s Ugly, Fat Or Skinny

"Nobody's ugly, nobody's fat, nobody's skinny. It's about where you want to be health-wise and how you want to live your life. You have a choice."

9. Hip-Hop Promotes Your Brain

"Everybody should try a little bit of hip-hop, you know, everybody in here. Dibble and dabble. Dibble and dabble in hip-hop. It promotes your brain."

10. Lil B Loves Kevin Durant Despite 'The Curse'

SB Nation

"Yes, I do love Kevin Durant, and I appreciate him, and I appreciate the NBA... Me and Kevin got a game to play once Kevin is off his injury from the Based God's curse. I pray for the Thunder team, I pray for them."

11. Being A Man Is Whatever You Make It

"What does it mean to be a man? It means being a woman. It means being a dog, it means being a cat, it means being a desk. It means understanding and loving. It means understanding the grass... I think what it means to be a man is whatever you make it. And don't live by the standards or conforming to that—because to be a man is to be a woman, to be a woman is to be a man. To be yourself is the main thing."

12. It’s Cool To Meditate

"I look at meditation like different things. Like being humble. It's a meditative practice to be humble. That's a big thing, going outside, smelling earth, smelling the smells."

13. People Love You, Even If You Think They Don't

"Even if you don't think that person loves you, they do love you. Everybody's incongruency is the biggest thing...Realize that it's people that love you, real people, people with gold teeth, people that's fat, people that got dreadlocks, people that got spiky hair, somebody with leather boots, it doesn't matter. I know that there's so many people that love me. I know it's cats that love me, animals."

14. We Live In A Jungle & A Beehive, But We Can Work Together

"Everybody just wants to live safely, and not feel like they're going to be attacked. We all live in the jungle, remember that, we all live in a complex jungle, a complex beehive. We need to know that working together behooves us and is way better than anything."

15. Reteach Yourself

"We're trying to dig ourselves out of holes. What we thought was right, we have to reteach ourselves patterns of love, and what the truth is to you."

16. Confront Negativity

"Sometimes we have to confront negativity. I want to meet the number one person that hates me for no reason, and I want to talk to them. Because I know I can speak to them and find love within them. The hate was taught."

17. This Is The Support Generation

"I'm so happy because this is our generation. This is the support generation."

18. Less Opinion, More Perspective

"This is something for everyone to think about. Less opinion, more perspective. What I mean by that is, sometimes I feel like an opinion is more ego driven."

18. See The People That Support You

"See your fan base, see the people that support you. Each of us in here have influences. Each of us has a support base that we can reach out to. Each person, one person, can push you so far, and push your dreams and what you really believe in, and push your goals and your business, the next idea that you have. Ideas are propelled by the people."

19. Lil B Is "A Feminist To The Maximum"

"Hell yeah. I push for the women so hard. This is some real, this is gon' make you think. I feel like black people and women deal with the same type of propaganda. You see images on TV, things being promoted. Sex sells, but that's a quick sell. What do you feel in your heart? Is that where your heart wanted to lead you? Is that where your art wanted to lead you? What propelled you to make that move? I definitely am a feminist to the maximum. I'm working to make sure that women feel protected as well as guys. For my next lecture, I really want to focus on awareness, and love, and being to yourself. I love women and I love feminists. Girls do have a legendary life. Women aren't under guys."

Bonus Lesson: Be Prepared To Freestyle