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5SOS Said They'll Be Performing A ‘Fan Favorite’ At The AMAs And Promise A Surprise Very Soon

They'll also attempt to make eye contact with Jennifer Lopez.

It's been an epic year for 5 Seconds of Summer, and the band is looking to close it out with a rocking performance at the 2014 American Music Awards this Sunday.

But they won't be performing their hit "She Looks So Perfect," or their tear-jerking ballad "Amnesia" or even their new single, "Good Girls." The guys have decided to take it old-school and treat the 5SOS Fam to a "fan favorite."

"We are doing a song called 'What I Like About You,'" Michael Clifford told MTV News via phone just after the band's "incredible" rehearsal for the awards show. "It's been a fan favorite song, and we closed our concert with it. It's a cover of The Romantics, and it's so fun, it's probably the most fun."

5SOS have been playing the 1979 hit while on tour. But why are they bringing it to the AMA stage? Well, they have a "big little secret" they'll be revealing soon. Michael wouldn't divulge the details, but he did say that the band is "announcing something soon" and it has to do with the song.

Any guesses, fans?

Once the guys perform they'll be able to take their seat and enjoy they show (and hopefully take home the award for New Artist Of The Year), but Michael may have his eyes off the stage and in the crowd.

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"I saw that we are sitting right behind Imagine Dragons, and they are playing their brand-new single, and I'll poke them from behind while we are sitting," Michael said. "Jennifer Lopez is sort of sitting to our left-ish, so I might glance over a couple times and try to make eye contact and try to wave."

Not a bad idea at all, Michael. And just think -- that'll be the perfect birthday present.

5SOS are coming off a busy weekend performing two shows at The Forum in Inglewood, California and hosting their Derp Con convention, which turned out to be a huge success.

"It was nuts -- there were Ninja Turtles running around with Batman," Michael said. "It was completely ridiculous. When we got to meet all of them it was so cool."

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And while they still "don't know" if they will hold another fan convention, it seems like Michael, whose favorite fan gift from the day was a custom-made kimono from his Japan fans, is on board since loved the idea of flying fans in from all over the world.