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Azealia Banks Goes All 'Nude Beach A-Go-Go' With Ariel Pink

Both of their albums have this one song in common.

Azealia Banks and Ariel Pink totally got nude together -- at least in the sense that they collaborated on a song about nude beaches: "Nude Beach A-Go-Go," which appears on both of their most recent records.

We knew that Banks was working with Pink on her just-dropped Broke With Expensive Taste. In an interview with The Guardian, Banks shared that her nickname for the outsider artist-esque musician is Stink Pink, saying, "Once Stink Pink says it’s a go, it’s a go! He’s a f---ing creep. But I looove him.”

We were not, however, wholly aware previously of how closely the two are intermeshed -- in that they both recorded different versions of the same song, and then included them on their respective records. Banks' album surprise-dropped earlier this month, Pink's, titled Pom Pom, came out this week -- both boasting a track titled "Nude Beach A-Go-Go."

On Banks' record, Azealia sings -- quite prettily, by the way -- the bouncy, throwback jam about getting down and dirty at the beach sans threads. Pink helms the track on Pom Pom, but it's not clear whether Banks contributed.

It's no real surprise that Pink and Banks would hook up on a track. Both are extremely outspoken -- whether they're trolling or not. Banks has warred with everyone from Disclosure to Stone Roses, while Pink most recently got into a public spat with Grimes over comments he made about Madonna's relevance.

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More importantly, however, they're both... How to say this...completely out-there, yet scarily talented musicians. Really, guys -- both of these records are replete with some of the most interesting songs of the year. Hands down.

Banks, for one, thinks they're kindred spirits. She told The Guardian that the intended audience of Broke With Expensive Taste is "English people. Thinking people. People that listen to Stereolab and Ariel Pink. Weird, eclectic people. Smart people.”

Could more collabs between Azealia and Ariel be in the future? We weird, eclectic people demand it.