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How To Survive Your First Thanksgiving Home From College

It looks like you're the turkey this year.

Ah, the comforts of home. There's nothing like food prepared by your mom, served at the table you grew up eating on, surrounded by the people you love. Bring on the turkey and stuffing!

Of course, if it's your first Thanksgiving back at home after a semester away at college, those people you love are most likely scrutinizing you for signs of even the tiniest changes and new developments. Have you gained weight? Did you make any friends? You're not -- gasp -- dating anyone, are you? Wait, why aren't you dating anyone?!

Luckily, MTV is here to help. Check out our handy dandy video guide to surviving your first Thanksgiving home from college, above.

And just remember: Only one month until winter break! Grit your teeth and, uh. Enjoy.