The Most Insane Fan Edits Of Miley Cyrus For Her 22nd Birthday

The best -- and totally weirdest -- fan Photoshops, art and tributes.

Happy birthday, Miley! Today, Miley Cyrus turns 22, and why not celebrate with her latest obsession -- something we know for SURE she likes and won't want to return? Fan art!

MC's Instagram is a treasure trove of collages and fan edits she's collected over the years, and it's art she's said she treasures and loves to share.

Years from now, we'll be looking at these pics as classics endowed to the Met from the Miley Cyrus Foundation (which will, no doubt, consist of her fan tributes and her very own "Dirty Hippie" art).

But for now, let's gawk at the quirky, kaleidoscopic fan edits -- 22 of them, because that's how old she is! -- starring baby Miley, her assistant friend Cheyne Thomas and Flaming Lips pal Wayne Coyne. Plus lots of pizza and one terrifying worm.

1. The one where she gets under the sheets with Elvis

2. The one with the gross worm 

3. The one where baby Miley is her own mom

4. The one where's in the womb eating pizza

5. The one where she's a bug

6. The one where Wayne Coyne has her body 

7. The one where Wayne has the body of a showering woman

8. The one where Wayne and Cheyne are 'Clueless' characters

9. The one where they're 'Hocus Pocus' characters

10. The one where Miley is a llama and Wayne is corn 

11. The one with the crazy magic brain

12. Ummmm...

13. The one where God gave humans shame so they covered up with pizza

14. The one where they're Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

15. The one where she's the Statue of Liberty 

16. The one where she has face pasties. Faceties. 

17. The one where baby Miley wears pasties.

18. The one where beanz = life

19. The one where Miley and Cheyne are chickens 

20. The one where baby Miley makes out with a pizza man

21. The one where Miley is pizza

22. The one where Miley is a surly pizza delivery guy

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