Benedict Cumberbatch Has A Disturbing Plan For Penguin-Murder: Watch

'You'll find me down at the zoo with an AK-47.'

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Just because Benedict Cumberbatch has been publicly spotted canoodling with penguins -- and just because he (well, his voice) stars alongside them in "Penguins of Madagascar" -- doesn't mean he actually likes the tuxedoed flightless birds. In fact, Cumberbatch doesn't appear to have any sort of affection for the creatures he calls "pengwings" at all.

"They couldn't help in the house," Cumberbatch told MTV News. "[Does penguin impersonation.] What are you supposed to do with that?"

However, when asked how he'd take out a penguin if the situation ever called for it, Cumberbatch revealed that his hatred for the birds doesn't exactly go that deep... or does it?

"I can't imagine a single scenario where I'd have to kill a pengwing to survive," Cumberbatch said, once again flubbing the pronunciation. "Actually no, maybe just to eradicate the species so I don't have to get the name wrong again... you'll find me down at the zoo with an AK-47 just taking out hundreds before I even know what happened. 'Without you, I'll never have to do it again!'"

That sounds like a totally reasonable response to this situation, Cumberbatch. Go for it.

"Penguins of Madagascar" hits theaters on November 26.