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25 Reasons 'Back To The Future Part II' Is Still The Best In The Series

Great Scott!

Twenty-five years ago, on November 22, 1989, "Back To The Future Part II" hit movie theaters. And though "Back To The Future" is great, and "Back To The Future Part III" is real good, too... "Part II" is still the best in the series.

Here are 25 reasons the return trip to Hill Valley will always be our favorite:

1. That beginning.

...Also technically the end of the first movie, but, you know, shot with a different actress and stuff. A better actress.

2. Self-tying shoes!

Needs no explanation. This is awesome.

3. Hoverboard!

Also needs no explanation!

4. This ad for "Jaws 19" which basically gave us nightmares forever.

We can't walk by a movie theater without the sneaking suspicion a shark is going to eat us.

5. "Nobody calls me chicken."

Dat hat throw, doe.

6. Hoverboard on the water!

Just when you thought having a hoverboard couldn't get better.

7. Why can't pizza do this.

Really, we're waiting.

8. The sports almanac.

Before "Back To The Future Part II"? No idea what a sports almanac was. After? It's an essential time traveling companion.

9. Future-Biff's hat.

Lady Gaga has been trying to copy this for years.

10. Doc Brown's glasses.

Also this.

11. The only car cooler than a DeLorean...

Not debatable.

12. Cafe '80s!

Probably the best idea for a theme restaurant outside of the American restaurant in Little Britain from "Arrested Development."

13. Did we mention hoverboards?

...Because Biff's gang on hoverboards is kind of the best.

14. Evil alternate present Biff.

More than any other character, Biff gets a ton to do in "BTTF2." Evil alternate present Biff is one of the best parts of the movie - and definitely the grossest.

15. Marty's hat.

Everybody gets such great hats in this movie.

16. Pep to the C.

Whatever soda you choose IRL, you've got to admit that's one sweet looking bottle of Pepsi.

17. We wanted the news (and we got the news).

Every entry in the series is dense, but in "BTTF2" even the blink-and-you-miss-it newspaper is packed solid.

18. Meet the family.

Marty's future family, including an upside-down George follow up nicely on the last movie's promise that something is very, very wrong with his kids (though actually it's more wrong with him).

19. Mr. Fusion gets an upgrade.

Keep your plutonium: the sequel's time travel engine eats beer and garbage.

20. Evil alternate Marty's Mom.

Did you have... Confusing... feelings left from the first movie? Because Marty's alternate present Mom only made things way, way more confusing.

21. Marty does the coolest thing ever.

Cornered by evil alt Biff, Marty jumps off the roof... Only to rise up on the flying Delorean, and your sinking realization that you will never be as cool as Marty McFly.

22. Doc Brown does the grossest thing ever.

Still not over this.

23. Jennifer meets herself.


24. That ending.

Only "Empire Strikes Back" has a better cliffhanger. Scratch that. This is the best one. Sorry, "Empire."

25. It's about time.

At the risk of ending this goofy gifsticle on something sincere, what "BTTF2" does so well is legitimately, smartly, and with a great sense of humor play around with the idea of time travel. There's some exploration in the first movie, while the threequel spends almost the entirety of its running time in the Old West. But "Part II" really delved deeply into becoming a time travel comedy. Many movies have tried to copy this formula since, but none have been as successful.

"Back To The Future II" is the best in the series - and it's a very good series - because it works as a comedy, it works as a sci-fi movie, all while expanding and deepening these characters we know and love. And that's the power of love.

Got a favorite memory from "Back To The Future Part II?" Let us know in the comments below.