One Direction’s Dates Go Horribly Wrong: Watch Their ‘Night Changes’ Video Now

All hell breaks lose.

What seemed like the most perfect, incredible and unforgettable dates with the members of One Direction turned out to be the biggest disaster.

But let's be honest, we would totally still go if they asked.

On Friday (November 21), the guys released the Ben Winston-directed video for "Night Changes," the second single off FOUR.

In the video, the viewer is made to seem like we are on a date with each of the boys -- who are never actually filmed all together.

And although things start off as date perfection -- a carnival with Liam, a vintage car ride with Louis, a game night with Niall, a romantic dinner with Zayn and ice-skating with Harry -- things quickly take a turn for the worse.

Louis ends up in handcuffs, Zayn gets drenched in spaghetti, Liam pukes...yeah that kind of bad. Now, we don't want to spoil all the surprises so watch the video to see just how fast the "Night Changes."