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Action Bronson And Killer Mike Trying To Rap While Running On Treadmills Is As Hilarious As It Sounds

Catch your breath.

Yes, Action Bronson and Killer Mike happen to be two of rap's larger MCs from a physical standpoint, but damn near anyone would have the same issues they do in a new clip from "The Eric Andre Show."

Their task? "Have a rap battle on treadmills," as the host explains.

The thing is, they never really get into the battle. Just a lot of "Yo, yo," and anticipation, as it sounds like they're about to launch into their rhymes, but barely ever do -- although, Bronson does muster up the line, "On my head I got the flashlight," before keeling over.

Eventually, someone runs over with a plate of food, which makes Mike wonder, "What the f--k are you doing?" Then Bam Bam slaps the plate away.

It's pure comedy.

Obviously, these two were never planning on having an actual battle, but the bit is hilarious.