Lena Dunham And Britney Spears Star In The New 'Celebs Read Mean Tweets'

Lena's boobs look like what?

The tweets are more colorfully malicious than ever in the latest installment of Jimmy Kimmel's "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets," wherein famous people read aloud the nasty things you said about them on the internet, you big meanie.

Highlights of this video include Britney Spears erupting in giggles over being called a "tired hag," a quip from Chloë Grace Moretz about the aesthetics of somebody's anus, an interesting comparison between Lena Dunham's boobs and a certain canine body part, and a surprise revelation for John Stamos about his bellybutton. (As president of the International Society for the Appreciation of John Stamos' Navel, we strenuously object to this vile slander.)