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Is Rihanna Inking A Deal With Puma?

It's been far too long since Rihanna has treated us to any releases—fashion or otherwise—which makes us want to (really!) believe a new rumor that's been circulating the ’net: our favorite Bad Gal is teaming up with Puma. She's reportedly signing a seven-figure deal with the athletic company to design sneakers and clothes, according to an unnamed source at New York Daily News.

“She is going to have her own coordinator to go to at Puma who only handles her, and they’ll have a junior coordinator helping them,” the source reportedly told New York Daily News. “The focus is shoes, but she will also be helping with pants and tops.”

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Even though we've been desperately waiting for RiRi to follow up her grand slam capsule collections for River Island, a little skepticism is hard to shake—especially since RiRi hasn't been spotted in Puma in years. Regardless, her influence over the sneaker world is huge. (She single-handedly nominated the Stan Smith for Sneaker of the Year after wearing a pair—and pretty much only that—for her Lui magazine shoot.)

But as we've seen several times in the past, when Rihanna works on something, she also wears it. So, if we see Rihanna putting more Puma into her wardrobe rotation, we'll certainly be taking that as a hint.