Who Killed Sam On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? We Rank The 12 Most Likely Suspects

And THAT'S how you get away with murder.

It's the question on everyone's lips: "Why is it so f--king cold?"

The other question on everyone's lips, though, is "Who killed Sam?" It's a question that will be definitively (we think) answered on tonight's (November 20) episode of ABC's "How To Get Away With Murder."

If you haven't been watching the show - and if you're reading an article with massive spoilers for the show without having watched it, what are you doing with your life - Sam Keating (Tom Verica) was bundled up and burned after being bludgeoned with a trophy at the beginning of the season. Through flashbacks and additional info, we've got suspects, but no answers as to who wielded the deadly trophy in Annalise Keating's (Viola Davis) study.

But tonight, the past catches up to the present, and we find out who did the deed. Here's the likely suspects, ranked in order of probability.

12. Sam Keating


The chances are pretty low that Sam accidentally conked himself on the head with the trophy and died, or that everyone would be so upset they'd try to hide the body. This is a crazy theory. Why is this even here? Let's move on.

11. Asher Milstone


Asher had access to the murderous trophy, but seemed surprised to see it was missing from his mantlepiece. He also wasn't at Annalise's house at the time, and didn't seem to be able to get in... Unlike some of the other suspects. He almost definitely didn't do it, but perhaps his naive demeanor is masking something darker down below?

10. Frank Delfino


He's clearly Annalise's muscle, and has that tough accent - but inside he's a softie. Plus, we know that Laurel found him at home after the murder in his jammies, so chances are he wasn't there to kill Sam. He also doesn't seem to have a motivation.

9. Laurel Castillo


Could she have killed Sam, as one of the five people definitively in the house as the time of the murder? Sure. Does she have a motivation? Not really, and the way things have been playing out, there's no real reason to put the suspicion in her direction.

8. Rebecca Sutter


Rebecca told Wes she'd confess to the crime if he wanted her to, since she's potentially going to jail for the murder of Lila anyway. Which means, of course, she didn't do it. Confession in a murder mystery could be a great way of pushing off suspicion, and there's clearly more going on with Rebecca than she's letting on - our money is on her actually having murdered Lila - but Sam? She's got motivation, as he had a disastrous affair with her best friend, but our suspicion is firmly off of her.

7. Connor Walsh


Connor was in the house at the time, he's clearly a little unhinged, and was pretty destroyed later on. We don't really suspect him, but we can't rule him out, either.

6. Michaela Pratt


Also in the house at the time. Doesn't have a strong motivation, but wouldn't it be nice to see the perfect girl with everything to live for destroy her life in one moment of anger?

5. Wes Gibbins


He seems like he's doing everything correctly, for all the right reasons, but what if that's hiding something much darker underneath? He'd certainly kill Sam to protect Rebecca, and he's been manipulating the aftermath in her favor. But he's the hero on the show, the moral compass - broken moral compass, but still - that points towards what's right. It would be a shocking blow to find out Wes ended Sam's life, but is a choice that would certainly make sense.

4. Nate Lahey


He's having an affair with Sam's wife. He's a cop, so he knows how to get away with murder. And so far, despite teaming up with Rebecca and investigating Sam, doesn't seem to be anywhere in the area on the night of the murder. Nate's been off on his own path for so long, killing Sam would bring him firmly into the main narrative. We want to believe SOMEone on the show is doing the right thing, but Nate stopped doing what was the letter of the law a long time ago.

3. Annalise Keating


This is pretty much the number one fan theory at this point. She's got the means, the motive, and the intense emotional swings necessary to pull off the deed. And despite her sobbing phone call the night of the murder that, "Something has happened to Sam!" that might be exactly the act the trained lawyer needed to put suspicion off of her. Which would be all well and good, if it wasn't for...

2. Bonnie Winterbottom


Poor Bonnie. She's clearly in love with Sam, and he knows it. She knows he's bad, she tried to fess up, and Annalise fired her. She's in the right emotional state to kill Sam, so there's that. But let's look at the timeline of events. In the Asher focused episode, we see his trophy has been stolen, some time after his disastrous "party." He talks to Bonnie on the phone (which we find out later), goes to the bonfire to meet her... But she's not there. Angered, he goes to the house - and she's not there either. So he heads back, almost getting hit by the car holding Connor, Michaela, Wes, Rebecca and Laurel. At the same time, Bonnie calls Asher, and meets him back at his place, where they sleep together.

So she clearly had access to the trophy at his apartment. She has an alibi - she was meeting up with Asher - for the time of the murder, or at least enough of one that Asher would probably back her up. And he thought she was back at Annalise's house, which would be weird since she was fired. So if Bonnie set this up just right, she would kill Sam and totally avoid suspicion. Makes sense to us, but our number one choice?

1. This Guy

What is his DEAL. So shifty eyed. We don't trust him.

Bonus #1: The "Ten Little Indians" Scenario

No idea how this would work, but maybe they all killed him?

Bonus #2: Oliver Queen

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Sam Keating, you have FAILED this city.

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