This Will Totally Change The Way You Look At 'SNL'

Plus, a very Drunk Uncle Christmas.

Sit down, because your mind is about to be blown, OK? Are you sitting? Possibly laying? Being totally horizontal really might be best in this case.

"Saturday Night Live" cast member Bobby Moynihan, whose Drunk Uncle character on the show's Weekend Update segment has become beloved in recent seasons, dropped a major truth bomb in an interview with Time Out New York.

Everyone on Update is connected.

"You know, I think all of those characters on Update come from one family," Moynihan said. "I always call [Drunk Uncle's] wife Linda because I joke around that it's [Kristen Wiig’s character] Aunt Linda, and Stefon is their son. The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation with at the Party is their daughter. And Jacob lives next door but Drunk Uncle doesn’t talk to him because he’s Jewish."

Drunk Uncle, you're drunk!

Maybe so, but that's not all. Moynihan also revealed how he envisions the character's big finale on Update.

"He’s so dark. The only way to finish it is just that he’s dead. He’s going to die on Update, and that’s it," he said. "He’s got a do not revive thing on his bracelet. He’s just done. He’s been done forever."

But don't let that get you down. Get into the holiday spirit with this very festive photo shoot Moynihan did in-character for the mag.

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