Drunk Bicyclist Poses For Priceless Mugshot After His Taco Bell Drive-Thru Fail

Fourth meal in jail wouldn't make anyone happy.

It is human to err, just as it is human to crave tacos at 3:10 a.m. if you're not totally sober. Unfortunately for 33-year-old Gabriel Harris, that impulse led to an alleged series of errors when he drunkenly biked to a Taco Bell drive-thru in New Smyrna Beach, Florida last Sunday.

The restaurant had closed 10 minutes earlier, at 3 a.m., but according to police, Harris and a friend refused to leave the drive-thru window (where bicyclists aren't even allowed when it's open), reported the Daytona Beach News-Jornal. An employee called police to report that "they placed an order on bicycles," and an officer soon reported to the scene, because that's apparently considered an emergency situation in New Smyrna Beach.

Harris, still by the drive-thru window, got belligerent and grabbed the cop's wrist when the officer attempted to take Harris' Swiss Army knife, authorities say. The cop slammed Harris to the concrete and arrested him for "resisting an officer with violence." (The friend wasn't charged.)

Harris was held on $1,000 bail -- which would've bought a lot of Gorditas -- and entered the mugshot hall of fame with this instant classic: