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Watch These Kids Break A World Record Without Leaving School

You're looking at the largest hip-hop dance performance.

By Christopher Harris

Going to school to learn is important, but breaking world records is way more fun.

Nearly 2,000 elementary school students gathered at the Dothan Civic Center in Alabama to etch their names into the Guinness World Records on Wednesday (November 19). Now, they are responsible for the largest hip-hop dance routine ever -- dethroning about 1,000 Japanese students who previously held the title.

For about five minutes, the Dothan City School kids (grades 3-5) danced simultaneously to a hip-hop-inspired mix, that included "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" and several other jazzy tunes. The event was part of an arts in education outreach initiative provided by the Patti Rutland Jazz company.

Jose Brooks, a dance instructor at the outreach program, helped the students practice for eight weeks before the big day.

"The event was heartfelt, inspiring, encouraging -- everything epic," he told a local newspaper after the performance.

According to the school's website, there were even more kids (grades K-2) who participated in their classrooms.