Julia Panek

We're Pretty Sure Taylor Swift Is Santa: Here's Proof

Wonder who's on her naughty list.

So, I don't know if you've heard, but Taylor Swift has apparently been sending her fans personalized Christmas presents, hand-selected from locations around the world.

This got us wondering: Has anyone ever seen Swift and Santa Claus in the same place at the same time? Yeah, that's what we thought. Mmmmhmm, we're pretty sure they're the same person.

I mean, let's look at the facts here...as illustrated in this handy infographic.

Julia Panek

They Both Love Red

Red suits, red lips, red nose, red everything -- both Santa and Taylor know what color becomes them. Could Tay be donning some fur-trimmed scarlet threads come Christmas Eve? She's done it before.

They Both Enjoy Cookies

You guys, the similarities are basically eerie here. Make Santa some of Taylor's chai eggnog cookies this year. We're sure "he" will love 'em.

And We Mentioned The Present Thing

I'm still waiting for mine, lady. I'll just look for it under the tree.

They Both Have Millions Of Fans

Taylor brought joy to more than a million people when 1989 dropped, and come December 25, Santa will do the same -- likely in the same way Tay did. (We bet there will be some Swift CDs in "his" sack.)

They Both Know Trouble When It Walks In

You really don't want to get on either's "naughty" list.

Case. Closed.