Happy Birthday, Michael Clifford! Here Are 19 Of Your Best 5SOS Hair Moments

5SOS Fam, let's celebrate Michael's birthday -- and his chameleon-like hair!

It's Michael Clifford's 19th birthday! And what a huge year it's been for Mikey and his bandmates! 5SOS had a number one album, went on tour with One Direction and just had the most amazing fan convention of all time, Derp Con.

But you know what else had a big year? Michael's hair. It's gone through endless different colors (maybe Michael has, um, amnesia, since he probably can't remember what color his hair was yesterday). But each and every time we absolutely loved it.

So let's celebrate Michael's big HBD with a look at 19 of his best hair moments.

1. Let's Start At The Beginning

2. Feeling "Sassy"

3. The Throwback Hair

4. Back To Blonde For A Day

5. And Then For About A Month

6. Feeling Blue

7. Like Really Blue

8. Brown Phase: Stage 1

9. Brown Phase: Stage 2

10. Brown Phase: Stage 3

11. Time to Try On The "Weird" Color

12. And The "Reverse Skunk"

13. Sometimes You Just Want To Try On Someone Else's Look, Like Calum Hood's

14. Or Harry Styles'

15. And Sometimes You Want No Look At All

16. But Let's Be Real Michael Looks Good In All Colors, Especially In Red

17. And In Green

18. Let's Not Forget Purple

19. And Of Course Oh So Pretty In Pink

Happy birthday, Michael! To you and your exquisite hair!