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Lorde And Diplo Are Cool Now, For Real

Beef squashed.

OK, everyone can relax now: Lorde and Diplo are on good terms.

The music producer/DJ extended an olive branch when he took to Twitter to casually ask "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 1" soundtrack curator if she would go with him to the film's premiere in Los Angeles on Monday. She politely declined and even gave him some advice to get through the high-intensity event.

Their beef arose after the producer joked about Lorde's BFF Taylor Swift need for a booty, prompting the 18-year-old to come to her defense and make a joke about his "tiny penis". Before she recruited Diplo to collaborate on the "Mockingjay" soundtrack, they had already forged a friendship earlier in the year:

He helped her combat the sandstorms in the desert terrain of Indio, California., at Coachella Music Festival.

And he showed he's been a fan ever since remixing her music.

Now that the fight is over, let's make more cool music, shall we?