Bill Cosby Did A Comedy Bit About Drugging Drinks In 1969

In wake of rape allegations, the story of 'Spanish Fly' will make you cringe.

As allegations against comedy legend Bill Cosby keep piling up, with another accuser of drugged rape coming forward on Monday, a bit unearthed from his 1969 album It's True! It's True! makes everything creepier.

The Village Voice dug up the routine called "Spanish Fly," the name of a drug used in women's drinks. Cosby's many accusers allege that he slipped something in their drink before raping them. And so in the story of "Spanish Fly," Cosby learns about the drug from a 13-year-old on the streets of Philadelphia: "There's this girl, Crazy Mary. You put some in her drink she'll be like blahrghrghhhh," he says, imitating the teen, in the bit.

Cosby had settled a case in 2006 in which Andrea Constand, who worked for Temple University's basketball team, accused him of rape. Although her lawyer had 13 witnesses, none was ever called. Other women have come forward since that case. The most recent accuser, journalist and publicist Joan Tarshis, said she was raped in 1969. Cosby refuses to comment about the situation but is still performing. His lawyer said there will be no further comment.