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Kim Kardashian Gets Serious Booty Competition From... Ellen And Portia?

Their 2014 holiday card is so bootylicious.

We've seen plenty of memes inspired by Kim Kardashian's nude photo spread for Paper magazine over the past week. But thanks to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, we might finally have the booty meme to end all booty memes.

On Monday (November 17), the talk show host shared an alternate version of her and her wife's 2014 holiday card, and it's bound to hail a round of applause -- if not break the Internet outright.

The Ellen Show

"Happy Holidays," the front of the card reads in standard holiday font, followed by "And a shiny New Year" greeting inside.

"Shiny new rear," Ellen quips at the unveiling, assuring the audience they're not settled on which version they'll be mailing out to the family.

Watch Ellen's bootylicious reveal in the video below.