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Rihanna's High-Fashion Snuggie Puts Your Airport Outfit To Shame

You know how when you fly you wish you could just wear a Snuggie but that would be, um, probably not that well received since you'll be in public around other human beings? Well, Rihanna—of course—just figured out the solution to that problem: a full-length sweatshirt dress. Hi.

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Rih arrived in L.A. over the weekend lookin' comfy as hell in a DKNY sweatshirt dress. Hood? Check. Long sleeves? Check. Enough fabric for you to sit splay-legged and not worry about it? Check. Perfection? Check.

Opening Ceremony

The dress is DKNY x Opening Ceremony and combines a "Token" logo from the DKNY archives with an iconic silhouette—the ankle-length dress. If you're in the market to cop Rih's style—who isn't, TBH?—or just looking for an acceptable Snuggie to wear in public, you can still get the dress on Opening Ceremony's website.