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Louis Tomlinson Gets All Moody Model In One Direction's 'Night Changes' Clip: Watch Now

The boys tease the Ben Winston-directed video before its Friday release.

One Direction's "Night Changes" video is just four days away, according to a teaser they posted on YouTube on Monday (November 17). In the clip, directed by Ben Winston, Louis Tomlinson looks innocent and cute in a trench coat.

But... as we learned from set photos, Tomlinson's innocence doesn't last very long; we've seen Louis in handcuffs.

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In the teaser, Louis sits by a river, looking lonely, adorable and a bit like "Lonely Boy" Ringo Starr back in the '60s.

As birds flutter around him, is this the calm before Louis' run-in with the law?

Yesterday, the guys put out another teaser -- this one with Zayn, who was missing from the guys' "Today" show appearance this morning. The videos seem to be taking a point-of-view angle, with the boys looking at the camera as if it were the girl they love. If the lyrics of the song are to be trusted, their dates might go horrible awry "when the night changes."

"Night Changes" is the second single off FOUR, out today.