11 Times Peeta From 'Hunger Games' Was The Perfect Snugglebuddy

Sorry, Gale. Not a chance.

In "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1," there are going to be some for really real changes to the dynamic that is Peetniss ... er, Katpee ... Okay, so we'll have to nix the gooey hybrid monikering this time and just call 'em Katniss and Peeta. But you get the idea. They're a romantical thing, and, yes, we dig it.

But as we saw at the hovercrafty ending to "Catching Fire," Peeta's been scooped up by the Capitol. Snow and his cruelty-slinging entourage have decided to make him check all that "I'm more than just a piece in their games" business at door because, with a touch of presidential brainwashery, that's exactly what he will become in movie three. Long gone is the pinchable Peeta we all (Team Gale who?) came to know and love in the books and flicks, and in his place is this bitterly serious dude we totally do not recognize.

But instead of dwelling on the sads, let's celebrate all the times Peeta was so Peetalicious it was Peeticulous, shall we?

1. When he was the Boy with the Bread.

Katniss found love in a hopeless place when Peeta Mellark decided it was worth a whipping to char a little bread for the girl he'd carried a torch for for so many years.

Thanks in part to his edible gesture, Katniss got her second wind for survival and eventually became the bow-wielding badass that would return the life-saving favor to her not-so-secret admirer. Talk about an eternal flame.

2. When he declared himself on national TV.

With anyone else it might be creepy to hear about an all-consuming unrequited love for the first time on national TV. But with Peeta it was a strategic surprise, so it was actually sort of endearing. Sure, he could have maybe given her a teensy weensy heads up or something, but maybe he just thought it was obvious. (It kinda was, right?)

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3. When he kept his sense of humor.

Panem -- not to mention the arena -- would suck way worse without Peeta's lighter notes.

He just kills us, no pun intended.

4. When he made all those beautiful, delicious treats.

Here's something we've majorly missed about Book Peeta: Homeskillet definitely knew how to whip up something yummy and and make it pretty.

Movie Peeta put the artiste motif on display a couple of times, but CAKE. Hello? Where's the cake? We want the cake. We need the cake. And the icing, too.

5. When he smiled.

Admit it: You think movie Peeta has got a nice smile, too.

Even when he was basically on a doomtrain he still smiled and waved at everyone in earnest. 'Cause Peeta.

6. During the smoochy times.

Hunger Games? More like "Hungry Eyes."

7. That time he gave Katniss' braid a tender tug.

'Cause for him it was always real. Hearts... melting... everywhere...

8. When he volunteered for Haymitch.


He could've walked away from the Quarter Quell reaping scot-free (relatively speaking at least), but instead he did the Peeta thing to do and volunteered in Haymitch's place.

9. His gut-wrenching speech at District 11.


Peeta does have a way with words. His three-fingered salute to the fallen duo from District 11 restored old meaning to the word "tribute," not to mention broke our hearts into a million pieces.

So much sensitivity for a guy who can sling a career tribute clear across a cornucopia. Kinda makes you fall in love with him all over again.

10. When he gave Katniss the locket of truth.

He wanted her to know how many people were counting on her to make it through Arena 2. So, he pulled out all the stops to protect his girl (even from herself).

Plus he gave her a pearl so she could have something pretty that came from all the mess. He would.

11. When he promised "always" (and meant it).

Be right back. We gotta go find some more tissues for all these feely sobs.