Here's How 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Brought Baby Groot To Life

Let the Groot times roll.

We can openly talk about Baby Groot at this point, right? By now, if you haven't seen "Guardians of the Galaxy," that's on you — and if you have seen "Guardians of the Galaxy" (and chances are very good that you have, based on those box office numbers), then you need to see this:

That's director James Gunn explaining how Baby Groot danced his way into existence, and our hearts. Even Vin Diesel, who provides the multitude of "I-Am-Groots" throughout the movie, weighs in on how the tiny tree creature came to life.

Will Groot grow back to his former glory in time for "Guardians of the Galaxy 2," or will he still be a potted plant of dancing delight? Either way, we're groot — er, good — just as long as he's back.