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Ty Dolla $ign Gets Out Of The Bedroom And Embraces Empowerment On 'Stand For'

Diplo helped produce Ty's new feel-good track.

It seems like nothing will stop the inexorable progress of Ty Dolla $ign’s current career arc. He recently dropped "Lies & Dreams," and today he’s dropped a shimmering, slow-burn anthem called “Stand For.”

The song was produced by two wildly effective hit-makers: Diplo, operating in the same EDM-drops-frozen-in-amber mode he used for "Climax," and DJ Dahi, whose deft hand with warm synthetic textures and vocal manipulation gave “Worst Behavior” its bottomless appeal (aside from Drake's dad of course). With this formidable arsenal at their disposal, Ty Dolla $ign’s golden vocal chords are all the pair need to craft an impeccable pop weapon.

As he moves ever closer to mainstream success, Dolla $ign shows signs of relinquishing his sexually-charged image in favor of a (slightly) more radio-friendly persona. “If you believe in something, stand for it,” he croons, setting his sights above and beyond the bedroom.

The Taylor Gang crooner takes advantage of the beat’s deconstructed trance builds and gorgeous vocal sample to make a compelling case for friendship.

“Stand for my n—as doing life, stand for my b—es doing right” he croons, flattering hearts and minds with the same wily persuasion he’s often used to pursue sexual conquest. It works: “Stand For” will make you want to call your mom, your childhood best friend, your ex, whoever you can get a hold of and pledge your undying allegiance.

His debut album Free TC is scheduled to drop in early 2015.