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Drake Will Probably Freak Out When He Hears Lykke Li's 'Hold On We're Going Home' Cover

"I'm going to sing a song for you that I love called 'Hold On, We're Going Home,'" the Swedish singer unexpectedly announced.

Last night, Lykke Li covered a Drake song, which means two of music's biggest heartbreakers have officially fused into one. During her show at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, Lykke took a break from the gut-wrenching misery of her own brand new album I Never Learn and veered into R&B territory.

Out of nowhere, she went into a cover of Drake's almost-love song "Hold On, We're Going Home," adding her own electo-pop, yearning feel to the track. Whereas Drake's version kind of gives the illusion that going home again is possible, Lykke somehow captures the idea that home too, can hold plenty of misery.

It's off Drake's 2013 release Nothing Was The Same, but anyone who has been listening to Drizzy from the beginning remembers when he rapped/remixed her old hit "Little Bit" back in 2009 on So Far Gone. This was, of course, the mixtape that served as a catalyst for Drake's mainstream fame, so maybe we can trace some of his success back to Lykke herself?

If the two keep covering each other, there's band to be a collaboration on the table at some point right? Crossing my fingers. Pretty sure Drake would be on board too.