Nicole Scherzinger Still Don't Need A Man In 'Run': Watch The Video

That's some tough love, Nicole.

Nicole Scherzinger has one piece of advice in her new music video for the next woman to date her ex: Run.

Way harsh, Tai -- but also way honest.


The "Run" video finds the former Pussycat Doll waking up alone in an opulent mansion, its furnishings strewn about her. She's putting the pieces back together in the wake of a destructive relationship, and she's dead-set on making sure that no one else makes the same mistake that she did in dating this guy.

"He's got this perfect way about him," Nicole warns, "He'll make you think that you come first/ But, you'll get lost in the challenge of trying not to get hurt/ Here's advice for the next one: Run."

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Nicole Scherzinger's second solo album, Big Fat Lie, was released in some international markets last October. It's slated for an early 2015 release stateside.