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Miley Cyrus Dreams Of Joining David Bowie In 'Labyrinth'

She doesn't really remind us of the babe — but, whatever.

When (false) rumors started flying in October that "Labyrinth" would be getting a sequel, we had a lot of ideas regarding the reboot. None of them, however, included Miley Cyrus -- but that didn't stop the "Wrecking Ball" singer from editing her face over Jennifer Connelly's in a shot from the movie.

Yup, check out this snap that Cyrus (or possibly a Photoshop-savvy fan) doctored featuring David Bowie as Jareth, The Goblin King -- with her face a mask of adoration (as befitting anyone sharing space with Aladdin Sane himself).

Cyrus has been on a bit of an editing tear of late on Instagram -- more than usual, I mean.

In addition to "Labyrinth," Miley has inserted herself (or her fans have inserted her) into a yoga magazine, "Poltergeist," Kim Kardashian's controversial "Paper" magazine cover and a piece of pizza, among other things. Sometimes her trusty BFF Wayne Coyne is also in attendance, but mostly, the Miley stands alone.

The photos have apparently inspired some frustration among fans, as Cyrus has also been sharing what look to be Smiler-made images bearing such messages as, "Why the f--- do you hate us? I love your f---ing music! Why do you enjoy torturing real f---king fans with sh-- edits!"

I don't know, guys -- maybe just... Don't look at said photos if they inspire such rampant ire in your soul? I mean, I'm cool with them -- unless that photo of Miley in "Labyrinth" becomes a reality. I don't think the muppets are ready for her particular brand of "Dance Magic."