Josh Hutcherson Is Thirsty For A Beer Hockey Win: Watch

Two tributes. One puck. Total chaos.

It's not exactly the Hunger Games -- this competition involved much less murdering -- but Josh Hutcherson and Jimmy Fallon were nevertheless at each other's throats on "The Tonight Show" Thursday. In addition to sitting down for an interview, Josh also faced off against his host in a round of beer hockey.

For those not in the know: beer hockey is a lot like beer pong, except that it takes place on an air hockey table and requires only a hat trick to win. (Also, maybe because of the size of the puck, it seems exponentially more unsanitary.)

The competitors started out on pretty even footing, but things eventually devolved into a chaotic confusion of flying cups, multiple pucks, and an eventual, bitter loss for Josh. The only thing worse than dying in the Hunger Games: living with the shame of losing the Thirsty Games.