Does Justin Bieber's Latest Social Media Move Prove Jelena Is Over?

Instagram yet again plays a role in the couple's volatile relationship.

Anyone who has been following the curious case of Jelena this year knows that 2014 has been a roller coaster for the couple.

After a romantic getaway to Canada, it really seemed like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were back together—then it all went wrong. Selena's new tear-stained video for "Heart Wants What It Wants" video hints at the dysfunction that their constant break-ups stems from, and might be the final chapter in their romance.


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Because Justin Bieber has officially unfollowed Selena on Instagram, and in this age of social media that kind of digital snub usually means one thing: it's over. J-14 magazine originally pointed out the move, but anyone who goes to his Instagram can see for themselves. Numbers don't lie, right?

Justin only follows 45 44 people on the picture sharing app, so it was pretty obvious to die-hard fans when he made the decision to cut Selena's pics out of his feed. This isn't the first time that Instagram has played a role in the couple's break-up cycle, but it does feel like a definitive move.

Only time will tell if Jelena will try to make it work again, but for now, it looks like things have gone from hot to cold.