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Mindy Kaling's Holiday 'GIF Cards' Put A Modern Twist On These Fairytales

Kaling provides us with a much-needed update on these fairytales to spread some holiday cheer.

By now, most of us are appropriately in awe of Mindy Kaling's quirky, hilarious wit. Between her show "The Mindy Project" and her extremely satisfying Twitter account, 2014 really became the year that Kaling ascended to a level of omnipresent humor and playful sarcasm. So why not close it out by celebrating the holidays in the same way?

The fashion site FarFetch got Mindy to do just that by enlisting her to caption six well-known Disney Princess storylines with some very real talk about their own individual storyline challenges and present these holiday "GIF cards" for all of us to enjoy. So pick a favorite and tweet, Facebook or email it to your favorite diva with a sense of humor.


I guess beauty is pain even when your shoes are held together by magic.

The Princess And The Pea

Forget peas, it's forensics that really lead to sleepless nights.

Little Red Riding Hood

I'm guessing the wolf wouldn't last a second in the fashion world.

The Evil Queen And The Magic Mirror


Because let's be honest, who could have real hair that long with no split ends??

Sleeping Beauty

Hopefully if he's really as charming as his name indicates, the Prince brought along some breath mints.

Happy holidays, guys!