This Timeline Of 'Star Wars' Toys Is Also A Timeline Of Your Childhood

Search all your feels, you know it to be true

"Star Wars Rebels" is in full swing - a critical and fan-driven success that's helped prep the already salivating "Star Wars" fan army for the upcoming "The Force Awakens." And to help slake their unquenchable thirst, Hasbro is a) releasing toys in honor of "Rebels," and b) created an incredible timeline that spans the entire "Star Wars" saga, and takes you back in time to when you were a little kid.

Yes, you.

Click for a larger version!

Not only does the timeline cause a spontaneous regression to five years old for anyone who looks at it, it also includes a bevy of info about that galaxy far, far away. There's every planet visited on screen, major events from every movie... And of course, a fond look through "Star Wars" toy history.

Hasbro has plenty more "Star Wars Rebels" toys you can pick up this holiday season, including action figures, very large action figures, awesome vehicles - and of course, lightsabers. Check 'em all out here, and may the force be etc, etc.