Could You Date Someone Who's Still In The Closet?

On the latest episode of 'Faking It,' Shane struggled with that very question.

MMA hopeful Duke has proven to be as tough as they come this season on "Faking It," but can he handle a challenge that's developed outside of the ring?

On Tuesday night's episode, Duke, who's been secretly seeing the out-and-proud Shane, struggled to balance his personal and professional obligations. On one hand, the fighter, who hasn't hidden his sexuality from his family, took pride in being gay and happily fostered a relationship with someone he really likes. But on the other hand, he felt the pressure to appear straight for the sake of his career, especially since a new uber-conservative restaurant chain, Cluck-N-Go, was ready to toss a sponsorship his way. It was an especially tempting offer, as with the company's backing, Duke would finally have the chance to go pro.

Shane, who typically frowns on dating someone who's still in the closet, has made exception after exception for Duke. He's sublimated his feelings in public and agreed to keep his mouth shut to his friends, but enough finally felt like enough when Duke actually began to entertain the endorsement deal.

"Look, if you don't want to be a role model, I get it," Shane said. "But it's on a whole other level to be the spokesman of a company that's actively working against our rights."

Ultimately, Duke's moving forward with the campaign proved to be the last straw, and Shane refused to make any more concessions. But would you have given up, too? "Faking It" fans -- tell us if you've ever been in Shane's shoes, share how you handled the situation and see if the guys can patch things up on the next "Faking It" episode, Tuesday night at 10:30/9:30c!