Keyshia Cole Is Being Sued For Assault In Birdman's Home

This isn't over yet.

Maybe we spoke too soon. Last month, it seemed like Keyshia Cole would get off with a strict warning (and maybe some anger management sessions) for attacking a woman in Birdman's home, but now there's a lawsuit happening.

According to TMZ, Sabrina Mercadel is suing Cole, after explaining that her relationship with Birdman was "strictly plutonic" -- I'm guessing she means "platonic" -- and detailing what happened when the singer stormed in.

In Mercadel's police report, she says that Keyshia Cole suggested that she was a prostitute, by telling her, "You can get your money later," and slapping her ass.

The Daily Mail adds that Mercadel is seeking at least $1 million in punitive damages, citing emotional distress, intentional infliction, battery, negligence and premises liability.

Keyshia Cole has not commented on the legal matter. Immediately following the assault, she posted a series of Instagram photos that seemed to be directed at Birdman, but she later deleted them.