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What Is This Thing Harry Styles Keeps Wearing Around His Neck?

The other day, I stumbled upon a photo of Harry Styles—and by stumbled I mean I was looking at his sister's Instagram—in which he was wearing a deeply unbuttoned shirt and, like, a very thin scarf tied around his next.

Perhaps it is a new necklace, I thought. Maybe he is expanding his fancy shirtfront collection and dabbling in bows, I imagined. Either way, with no context it was impossible to decipher piece of fabric was—I figured it was part of his shirt and then, TBH, forgot about it.

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Until this morning, that is, when I came across this photo from today, in which he is still wearing the tiny scarf/necklace/lanyard. It's with a different shirt, so it's definitely an independent accessory—what is it, though? For real.

It's too skinny to provide any warmth like a real scarf—also, Harry, honey, your shirt is open so deep. Necklaces tend to be made from metal, not cloth, right? Is this a necklace? Is it a loosely tied headband waiting to be deployed? I just don't know.

He wears it for all activities these days, including banana twirling.

Maybe he'll wear it when One Direction performs on Friday at BBC's Children In Need show? We can hope—this mystery needs to be solved right now.