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Lorde Makes Fun Of Diplo's 'Tiny Penis' After He Bashed Taylor Swift

Katy Perry's rumored boyfriend gets dissed by Lorde for his 'Get Taylor Swift A Booty' campaign.

Lorde is coming to bestie Taylor Swift's rescue after Diplo led the movement Wednesday night to raise money to "Get Taylor Swift A Booty."


Zedd seemed amused by the whole exchange too.

The Mad Decent producer had put the suggestion out to his Twitter followers, and one man, Eric Spivak, took him up on it, creating this Fundly page:


The page now clearly reads that it was a joke (no, duh), but we can't help but point out that Diplo is reportedly dating Katy Perry, who is rumored to be the subject of Swift's 1989 dis track "Bad Blood." Is this revenge? Or just dumb?