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Taylor Swift Brings Amanda Seyfried And Kate Upton To Knicks Game, And The Photos Are Precious

Taylor was kind of the fifth wheel when Seyfried's boyfriend Justin Long and Upton's boyfriend Justin Verlander came along too!

Taylor Swift's celebrity friend bubble expanded when the singer joined Kate Upton, Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long for Wednesday night's New York Knicks game against the Orlando Magic. These photos make it seem like it's real fun being in their group, but not in a "you can't sit with us" kind of way -- rather, in a "we're just a few random celebrities watching a basketball game and enjoying ourselves" kind of way.

The Magic beat the Knicks 97-95, so that kind of explains this photo.

Although Carmelo and friends had their moments.


Despite all the action, there was still time for selfie-prep.

And selfies.

Oh, and Howard Stern was there with his wife, but you know.

Next time, Knicks.