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Want To Look Like Harry Styles? This One Direction Look-Alike Tells All

It turns out you just need, um, one thing.

Remember that Harry Styles look-alike that Vine star Jerome Jarre discovered at the 2014 MTV EMA on Sunday (November 9)? MTV U.K. got in touch with Richard Dickson, the 1D wannabe in question, to find out the secret to his döppelganger-y success.

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Did he go under the knife? Hire a hair stylist trained in...whatever style you'd call Harry's mane? Nope -- all it took was a little puberty. "When I first started liking One Direction I was 5'3", reasonably overweight, and had a skinhead," Dickson told MTV U.K. on Tuesday. "In the last year or so I got hit really hard with testosterone so that’s why I look how I do now."

There you have it. The secret to just being lads is just being pumped full of raging, teenage hormones.