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Need A Bulletproof Suit? 2 Chainz Found One -- For $15,000

Watch Chains try more expensive stuff.

A good suit is an essential part of any man's wardrobe. But how much would you be willing to spend? And does yours need to be bulletproof? If you're 2 Chainz, the answers to those questions are probably "a lot" and "yes."

On his latest trip with GQ's "Most Expensivest Sh--," he heads to Garrison Bespoke in Toronto, where he checks out some special suits. "Something I never would have thought of -- and I'm a rapper," he said.

That something: A bulletproof suit, which can protect you from up to a 32-caliber bullet. The pinstripe suit features "diamond nanotube technology developed by the U.S. Army." Sadly, he couldn't take it with him. "You can have these made," JS, who shows Tit the garment, said, "you just can't really bring them across the border."

And, how much would it cost to bullet-proof a suit? Up to $15,000.

Luckily for the rapper, he can afford that kind of luxury -- as well as others, like the world's most expensive hamburger, with gold on it -- if he chooses to indulge. But, that wasn't always the case, which is why MTV News asked him about the brokest thing he's ever done last month.

“I had the big glass of the sugar Kool-Aid, and I had the bread on top, and that would be my holder," he said. "And I’d take the bread off, dip it in the Kool-Aid, eat it. But it was almost because we wasn’t eating like that."

“[Thinking about] that made me remember really where I came from."

From Kool-Aid sandwiches to $15,000 suits. That's a come up.