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Your First Look Inside Katy Perry's Brand New Pop-Up Shop

So much pizza merch, you guys.

Yesterday, Katy Perry announced her first pop-up shop was opening in Melbourne. The shop, she revealed, would feature props and costumes from her first two tours and—even better, IMHO—exclusive merch.

So, should we all fly to Melbourne together or, like, just meet at the store? I'm up for either, but I definitely need to get on a flight ASAP—I mean, look at all the swag there.

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Clothing-wise, there's the Smurfette dress from The Blonds that Katy wore to the Smurfs premiere, the movie reel costume she wore to the premiere of her 3D movie, and the Americana-inspired look she wore to perform during inauguration weekend.

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There are a slew of t-shirts, including a bunch that pay homage to "This Is How We Do." One, for instance, is printed with the cherry emoji all over. Another features Katy in her Mondrian-inspired dress. The most important, though—and the one I need to travel to Australia for, honestly—is Katy in her pizza bathing suit in front of a pepperoni pizza print.

Pizza on pizza—hi.

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Then there is some general Prism merch—including a tank top, a "Roar" baseball raglan, and a Katy Perry 07 tee. Is there a special connection between Katy and 2007? I don't know, but I'm willing to go to Melbourne to find out, OK?

For hardcore KatyCats, there's a blue satin jacket similar to the sukajan one Katy wore on the single art for "Roar." It features a tiger because, y'know, roar.

For those looking for smaller ways to express their devotion to Katy, there are accessories for sale, including emoji buttons, heart-shaped sunglasses, keychains, and lanyards.

There are also a bunch of baseball hats, including one that will allow you to rep your KatyCat status proudly with a leopard print brim. For those who love the beach and pizza—join the club—there's a beach towel emblazoned with a pizza bathing suit-clad Katy.

If all of this isn't enough to entice you, maybe this is:

Yeah, let's head to Melbourne right now.