The Making Of Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' App

The app developers saw a lot of crazy -- on and off camera.

In two days, Taylor Swift and her team trekked to two different mansions and made not only a music video, but the "Blank Space" app to go along with it. And with six cameras catching every move from Taylor and her co-star Sean O'Pry and no editing allowed, director Joseph Kahn had to make the best of everyone's time.

"Joseph was literally running from shoot to shoot. You can’t imagine he did it all in two days," Katie Stefanik from American Express told MTV News. The team at Amex, who works with Taylor for her tour pre-sales, came up with the idea of giving Swifties a 360-degree experience, and, seeing as how Taylor wanted to give fans something interactive, she jumped right on it.

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However, this meant sharing production space with the video crew. Fortunately, Kahn was onboard to direct both the video and the app. Efficiency at its best.

"Blank Space" was shot at the Oheka Castle and Winfield Hall in Long Island, not far from Swift's home in New York City. The app allows users to explore six different rooms within the mansions, while they search for fun hidden messages. "Each collectible is a reward in itself," Stefanik said, explaining how Swift's record player from her opera-singing grandmother is hidden within the game.

The idea came from the British play "Sleep No More," where actors take attendees from room to room, letting them become part of the scenes. Stefanik said this was a perfect concept for Swift fans, who may not be able to interact with the singer in person. "We thought, how can we make something even more special for music fans?"

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The best part of the app is that you get to follow Taylor and Sean around as they play out their parts as boyfriend and crazy girlfriend. The two had to act out their roles in one take because, with six cameras catching every inch of the room, it was impossible to edit a misstep without it looking choppy on your screen.

Nevertheless, they pulled if off. One day after the music video debuted, the "Blank Space" app, officially titled "American Express Unstaged Taylor Swift Blank Space Experience App," hit iTunes and Google Play. Check it out!