Adam Fleischer

Ask Tyler The Creator To Come Watch Your Comedy Show -- And He'll Do It

Tyler made this guy's dreams come true.

Tyler The Creator has a very loyal and dedicated fan base, but who knew that his crazy raps were actually inspiring comedians as well? Aspiring funny guy, Aaron McCann, had his dream come true this week, when Tyler attended one of his shows.

McCann, a native of Ireland, came to the States to catch the Odd Future Carnival and then he hit Tyler online, asking him to come see a show at the Ha Ha Cafe Comedy Club in LA. Ask, and you shall receive:

"When people ask me, 'who's the guy that inspired you?' I always say, no comedian inspired me to do what I do today. It was one guy, one musician," McCann explains, in the video uploaded to his YouTube page.

"I came from Ireland to see his f--king concert on Saturday, [and] I wrote to him on social media saying, 'listen I got an open mic would mean the world if you came down and watched me.' And the f--king dude showed up."

Yes, that dude definitely showed up.

When Tyler hit the stage, he said a few words to the crowd, and it was just what you'd expect from him. "This is awkward, I did not know I was gonna be on this f---king stage," he began. "This n---a came all the way from wherever the f--k Ireland is."

Either way, McCann can now show off when he's back home. "I just want to be able to show my friends back home in Ireland who thought that this would never happen -- that it actually did," he said.