This 10-Year-Old Is Headed To College, What's Your Problem?

Ria Cheruvu wants to study Neural Cryptography, which we can barely spell.

Ria Cheruvu is like any 10-year-old kid -- she loves to play piano, sing and dance. And, oh yeah, she's getting ready to graduate from high school next year and start college at Arizona State University, where she plans to study Neural Cryptography.

Wait, what? I not only had to spell-check that, but I had to Google what it even means, and I'm not... close to 10 years old.

You see, Cheruvu is a genius. Like, next-level genius. In addition to composing her own songs, she's currently studying genetics, writing expository essays in English and learning about algorithms in algebra. You know, kids' stuff.

According to KSAZ in Arizona, Cheruvu will graduate seven years before her peers and has some pretty major plans for her future already.

"Neural Cryptography, that is my career choice," she said when asked what her major might be. "It is the study of neuroscience which is the study of the brain and the mind cryptography which is coding."

And, while you're still trying to figure out what to have for lunch today, Cheruvu -- who loves noodles and quesadillas -- has also plotted out what she wants to do after college too. "I want to kind of prevent diseases like Alzheimers maybe, and possibly find an alternative cure," she said.

Cheruvu lives with her parents in Gilbert, Arizona, and attends a special online school called Arizona Connections Academy, where she's currently taking honors courses intended for seniors and has just written an original soliloquy for Shakespeare's "Macbeth." And get this: her parents' rule is no homework after 6 p.m. What does she do when she's done with her work for the day? "I go on bike rides with my friends," she said.

Oh right, one more thing. According to a bio on the school's site, in addition to horseback riding, golfing, chess and swimming, she's a budding actress who has already appeared in one South Indian film and has two potential Hollywood gigs in the offing.

And she wants to be president, of course.