Woody Harrelson Wants To Turn 'Saturday Night Live' Into 'The Hunger Games'

The odds are not in Taran Killam's favor.

Any and all "Saturday Night Live" hosts know the objective: kill them with comedy. You're not supposed to actually kill them, though.

Woody Harrelson apparently did not get that memo.

The "Hunger Games" actor is hosting "SNL" this weekend ahead of "Mockingjay" hitting theaters later in the month, and he's taped a few promos that put Haymitch Abernathy's line of work to the test. The results are not pleasant for Taran Killam.

Beyond instituting "Hunger Games" rules on the "Saturday Night Live" set, Harrelson's also going ahead and poisoning his colleagues. Nicely done, Woody.

Harrelson hits "SNL" this weekend (November 15) with Kendric Lamar as the musical guest. "Mockingjay" hits even harder later this month on November 21.