Robert Churchill, Getty

How Much Of A Bro Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Do you brag about your beer pong skills on your Tinder profile? You might be a Bro.

As scholars and academics have long since lamented, a quantifiable way to officially measure one's Bro-ness has always eluded man's grasp. It's as regrettable as it is tragic.

But what is a man (or bro) if not constantly striving for greatness? Did Tristan just give up after eight or nine consecutive failed flip cup turns? Do you think Dax just up and quit after getting shut out in corn-hole by Brody? And did Carter call it a night after funneling six Natty Lights? No. They all got up, dusted their polos off, and bro'd out.

It's time to find out exactly how much of Bro you are, once and for Paul.